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Those who are quietly able to keep you warm are closed. Even though I understand I will gleam the sky. The deep willing to make tired your heart wound sank. Even though I understand it will finally sink.

Everyday Power

I saw you there, no longer with me here. Can I let go of the love that has been carved in my heart? God strengthens my heart, close my eyes, close my heart, for her. I have to welcome tomorrow I have to continue my own life without you by my side, I have to learn to live without you I have to learn to accept reality. You are no longer with me. Bitter sweet … We never know what end will be received … About happy … About sad … About grief … About sorrow…. Women Rain eyed Life is full of grief His heart is patient in facing trials. When Cries are gone The soul looks exhausted Wading through the fierce ocean of life.

Could it be … lots of shrimp, lots of it the salt … lots of people … lots of variety … another field another grasshopper? Lured Craftiness Silence lost Early morning, take notes. When love no longer knows its meaning And miss shading is not clear purpose Return to Him … ask every inch the direction of anchoring Lord the owner is the best shelter.

In my opinion the one is hesitant I caught a miss There was a prayer scattered on my face I was struck by my sins. Love Without word Keep it similarly stabbed Heart desires to carry daydream. Your presence Similar wind Blowing out the memories Checking the steps to uncover quietly.

Staring at the face of a thousand grief When the twilight shadows Greeted me suspiciously Mortal. A million characters made me upset When there is no power Restless anxiety My heart. Everyone has the same opportunity to change for the better. Give someone a chance to change.

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The point is, do not underestimate someone because of their past and environment, because lotus flowers still bloom beautiful even though they live in dirty water. So to be great is needed is the strong determination to God Almighty the creator of greatness. You can be like a lotus that lives in dirty water but still blooms admirably. Changing and rising are far more beautiful than silence and only dream without doing anything.

If everything we dream of is realized soon, where do we learn to be patient …? If every prayer we continue to receive, how can we learn endeavor …? I will always Remember you in my sanitary records But remember! Friendship like the universe God knows when it ends You and I are together forever Like a glass screen soap opera cliche. Indeed we have been together At that time we were the king The world is its lackeys For our fake dreams. We are getting older, growing older Variety of paradigms We have separated Without us knowing it We take different angles For halal meaning.