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Perhaps the biggest rumor among the royals is that Prince Harry has another father. While surely untrue, it was not secret that Princess Diana was having multiple affairs during her marriage to Prince Charles. Kate Middleton and Prince William went vacationing in Provence, France and returned to find that a photographer had taken pictures of the Duchess sunbathing topless on private property. It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them.

Us Weekly reported that a German tabloid published photos of her after the wind sent her dress flying in the air, Marilyn Monroe-style. The palace did not comment on the decision to publish the photo. It seems that Prince William took on the rebellious royal role—instead of Harry—this year, when he was caught dancing with a model, thought to be Australian-model Sophie Taylor, at a nightclub during what was supposed to be a boys ski trip. And there is video proof of it here. Needless to say, Duchess Kate was not thrilled. Because Stark was a soft-core porn actress, many nude and suggestive shots of her appeared in British tabloids.

Business Insider reported that the Queen and her husband share the same bloodline and are both directly related to Queen Victoria. George V and Queen Mary had a sixth son named John. Due to epileptic seizures, Prince John spent the last four years of his life living hidden away in York Cottage at the Sandringham estate. The royal family believed his seizures could not be known to the public because it would show a sign of weakness. Prince John died in the cottage at the age of 13 after a tragic seizure. The piece of blackamoor jewelry fetishizes images of slavery and is considered dated and racist.

People were quick to point out the offensive accessory and wondered if it had to do with the attendance of Meghan Markle, who is newly engaged to Prince Harry.


Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Alanis Talks Fleabag and Fighting the Patriarchy. Getty Images. When Prince Charles drank a cherry brandy. That time Prince Harry spent one day in rehab. And when Harry was photographed in a Nazi costume. That time Prince Harry got caught naked. When Princess Margaret fell in love with a married man. When Princess Margaret's divorce was very public. When Princess Anne also fell in love with a royal staff member. When Captain Mark Phillips had a lovechild. When Mark Phillips said he was dating a woman 28 years younger.

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When Princess Diana and Prince Charles got divorced. When Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris. When "Fergie" took a huge bribe. When rumors were flying that Prince Charles wasn't Harry's dad. When a topless photo of Sophie Rhys-Jones made the front cover. And when a topless photo of Kate Middleton was revealed. When Kate Middleton had a Marilyn Monroe moment. When Prince William was caught dancing with a model.

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When Prince Andrew introduced the Queen to his girlfriend who did porn. When Prince Andrew was accused of sexual assault. When Queen Elizabeth was accused of a tax haven. When news broke about the royal's hidden son, Prince John. When Princess Michael donned a racist brooch to the Queen's luncheon. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The family would tell her that dinner was 15 minutes earlier than it was just so she would arrive on time. Find out the real reason Princess Diana gave that infamous interview to Martin Bashir.

Bishop Michael Bruce Curry sparked a historic moment by being the first American to speak at a royal wedding. After a lavish royal dinner, Queen Elizabeth likes to indulge in chocolate. Dark chocolate to be exact. Find out 13 foods the Queen eats every day. Other royal family members who have worn it used a sapphire gem in the middle, while Meghan used a diamond. Following a German tradition, the royal family opens presents during teatime on Christmas Eve.

The royal family sends out Christmas cards during the holidays.

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Queen Elizabeth II hates the taste and smell of garlic. Princess Diana selected her engagement ring from a Garrad jewelry collection catalog instead of custom making it like many royal brides have in the past. This is what really happened between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Princess Diana sent her son to Mrs.

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Here are seven fascinating facts you never knew about Princess Diana. Kate Middleton greeted a group of children warm hugs while visiting a charity in Germany. Find out the royal record Prince Louis broke the day he was born. Repeating outfits is just one of the surprising frugal habits of the royal family.

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Her glove maker has been the same since her honeymoon in But instead of just using it to hold personal belongings, the way the Queen holds her purse sends a secret message to her staff. The couple served a lemon elderflower cake with buttercream frosting at their royal wedding. Check out more fascinating royal wedding facts. King Charles II believed that keeping the ravens protected in the tower would preserve the monarchy. Prince Charles has three personal valets who are in charge of maintaining his wardrobe.

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This just happens to include ironing the shoelaces of every shoe he owns. Find out more bizarre royal jobs that actually exist! Every morning from 7 a. To keep the royal luggage secure and organized, the Queen always has a yellow tag, Prince Charles and Prince William will get red, and Princess Anne typically gets green.

On the River Thames, Queen Elizabeth has shared ownership of most of the swans that reside there—other swans are owned by the Vintners or Dyers livery companies. Next, check out the surprising things the Queen actually has the power to do. Originally Published on sitename.