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The relatively muted color story, sharp silhouette, and chic boots established Raja as a runway titan from the jump. Three words: looped feather headpiece.

Miss Fame showed immense promise on this first episode of her season, and both her spring and fall Fashion Week runways were resplendent ensembles. Every plume is a blessing, sweetie. A full-body houndstooth look is a bold choice, and Eureka ties it all together with a wonderfully original hat. Take it off. Whipping out the stilts this early on was a bold move for Ivy, but the botanic gardens pageantry of the entire look made it impossible not to love.

These days, Ms. Winters will wobble out with the stilts on any old DragCon floor, but this was an initial charm offensive that paid off handsomely. Is there anything more cheekily meta than dressing up as a deconstructed construction worker? The oversize, fanned-out collar is classic Bianca, and the whole thing is an Emma Frost gag. We would let her hurt us. This is too glamorous for the Oscars. Naomi was giving you fashion here, and this was her breakout moment. Serving you straight-up Miss Golden Globes. Shangela is a beautiful star here.

The hair is amazing. Beautifully masc drag. Beautifully Pearl. This is a full-circle moment for a queen who came into her own at exactly the right time. Inside her is an unstoppable force, but this cool sexy paper girl is just a glimpse. Iconic Manila. Fruity tooty camp. A razor-sharp intro for an already well-known Instagram queen who proved she was even more impressive in real life.

She is both delicious and dangerous here, immediately taking her place as a front-runner. Seeing Acid go was heartbreaking, mostly because we know this look was in her past and there were likely more incredible creations in her future. She looked like a beautiful sex fish. This was neon creature eleganza and she is a real artist.

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This one breaststrokes us in all the right places. In a pre— Call Me by Your Name world, this peach was the only stone fruit worth mentioning in queer circles. The scale and construction of the peach head are so extreme in their statement that to balance them with the simplicity of her outfit is a stroke of genius. As one of our preeminent drag architects, Raja defied all Newtonian laws of physics with this one. Good luck figuring out where the center of gravity is on that bucket, because seven years later, not a single gay NASA employee has worked out the free-body diagram of the headpiece.

Retro queens, take note: This is how you do black-and-white, old Hollywood eleganza. As far as reunion looks go, this one stands out even five years later. The thigh-high boots, the ruffled pinstripes, and good God, that makeup? A toot for all time. The radial arrangement of the pages is stunning, and tying in the shoes with some cute pieces of paper brings it all together. By this point, Naomi was a force to be reckoned with on the runway, and any doubts about whether or not she earned her spot were erased in one fell swoop during the Book Ball challenge.

If anything, this was the most plainly articulated call to action for hundreds of thousands of people to follow her on Instagram.

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You feel like someone could wear it at the Oscars, pump-in-wig and all, and it would be acceptable. Because she put a shoe on top of her head once and it worked. Gorgeous girl. Your fave could never. Minimalist yet striking, and an effective end to her trilogy of looks from this ball challenge. Her confidence comes through with this superheroine chic, and from this point on we could always feel confident watching her. She always gave a fully realized visual, but she rarely gets credit for the dimensions she gave all of her creations.

Turning point! An unforgettable moment for a new Drag Race icon. This was the smile that launched a thousand rose emojis. This was the look that truly gave us La Valentina, in all her divadom and tragedy. Remember feeling like she was going to win? This reminded us. She was virtually perfect when it came to delivering looks, and this was a highlight from her hit parade. Slutty robot eleganza? Leave it to Aquaria to leave her competitors in the dust and legitimize this whole theme.

Not only was it visually startling to see her mermaid caked in oil, struggling and sick, but it was refreshing to see Aquaria make a comment on beauty damaged by man something she had also done with her Feathers runway. Are we reading into this way too much? Conscious, concerned queen! Aquaria never went the easy route. Had she won her season and there were any pushback, you could point anyone to this look and shut them down.

This was cool and retro and club kid and technical and drag queen all at once. She looks like what we hope the robot maid in a live-action reboot of The Jetsons might be. That was, at least one point , really happening, by the way. The Hello Kitty Ball remains one of the most bonkers sewing challenges of the series, and the only person who truly hacked it was another one-of-a-kind collectible herself.

This is drag maximalism at its best. Star-spangled sling skirt, anyone?

For all the debate around whether or not Aquaria beat the comedy queens at their own game, she makes a strong case here for delivering a pageant look better than her title-holding sisters could, too. Stars and crisscrossed stripes forever. Only her beautiful smile is visible until she cheekily blows her bangs out of her eyes to peek out and say hello to the judges. The hint of nostalgia that comes with the character reference absolutely helps, and the look is simply so joyful. Tweet, tweet, bitch! One could argue for or against the legitimacy of cosplay queens in the world of drag, but to hear Phi Phi proudly identify as one in her voice-over as she stomped the runway in this look was refreshing, even if at that point she was fully mired in her villain edit.

Phasers set to stun , hun.

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No one will be forgetting DeLa clomping down the runway on all fours for at least another century, and the world is still sorely lacking in arthropod drag. To blend Thierry Mugler with an insect costume is totally inspired, and the padding hits Ben in all the right places. The sceptre, the headpieces, and the swooping skirt all make for a Candyland—Lollipop Guild holiday fever dream, and the touches of black in the bow and corset elevate everything up to a The Klaus Nomi reference is aces, and faithfully pulling off the structure and geometry of the source material earns Courtney very high marks.

Delightfully and effectively playing with androgyny is very Aquarian, indeed, and we live for a cane. Turning looks. Stunting pretty. All hail the bitch from New York City, who absolutely goes down in the record books as one of the top runway queens to ever appear on this show. You heard it from us, and also RuPaul! A turning point for the series.

“Incels” are going under the knife to reshape their faces, and their dating prospects.

This was shocking, frightening, and refreshingly on-brand. She gushed blood onto her tits and she killed the runway, and you probably could have given her the crown right there.

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The runway moment that broke Ariana Grande was already famous from the promos for season seven. Ariana shaking her head and waving her finger as Violet turned and walked away should be a much more prolific meme than it currently is. Let them eat cake, indeed.